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Basic Information

The EE575 is a compact air velocity transmitter designed for high volume applications. Due to the small design, the module can be fitted to nearly every application. The use of a high-quality E+E thin film sensor element based on the hot film anemometer principle ensures optimal precision and maximum sensitivity. The innovative design makes E+E velocity sensor elements less sensitive to dust and other pollution than conventional hot wire anemometers. This is reflected in the excellent reproducibility and proven long-term stability of the measuring results.

The EE575 can be mounted fast and easily. The alignment strip along the probe's tube and the matching mounting flange determine the orientation of the sensor probe. The mounting flange allows for an infinitely variation of the depth of the sensor probe. The electronics integrated in the probe tube provide a linear analogue signal of 0-5V or 0-10V for the velocity range 0...5m/s (0...1000ft/min) / 0...10M/S (0...2000ft/min) or 0...20m/s (0...4000ft/min).

Air Velocity Sensors and transmitters E+E EE575

Technical Specification

Measuring values
Working Range
  • 0...5m/s (0...1000ft/min)
  • 0...10m/s (0...2000ft/min)
  • 0...20m/s (0...4000ft/min)
Output Signal 0 - 5 V ( max 1mA )  
0 - 10 V ( max 1mA )  
Accuracy2) at 20 °C (68°F), 45 % RH and 1013hPa 0...5m/s(0...1000ft/min) ± ( 0.2m/s / 40ft/min +3% of measuring value )
1...10m/s (200...2000ft/min): ±(0.3m/s / 60ft/min +4% of measuring value)
1...20m/s (200 4000ft/min)' +(0 4m/s / 80ft/min +6% of measuring value)
Response time at 10m/s (2000ft/min) t typ. 4 sec.  

Supply voltage'

10 - 19V DC or 19 - 29V DC  
Current Consumption max. 70mA at 20m/s (4000ft/min)  
Working range
  • Humidity
  • Working temperature
  • Storage temperature
  • 10...95% RH (non-condensing)
  • 0...60C (-4...140F)
  • -30 60C (-22 140F)
0 5m cable, PVC 3x0 25mm2 with cable end sleeves  
Electromagnetic Compatibility EN61326-1
Housing / Protecting class Polycarbonat / IP20 (sensor); IP40 (housing)  
1) Refer to ordering guide
2)The accuracy statement includes the uncertainty of the factory calibration with an enhancement factor k=2 (2-times standard deviation).
The accuracy was calculated in accordance with EA-4/02 and with regard to GUM (Guide to the Expression of Uncertainty in Measurement).
Typical Applications
  • Heating and ventilation systems
  • Fan control
  • Intake air measurement in furnaces
  • Excellent price / performance ratio
  • Compact housing
  • Easy and fast mounting
  • Customization Possible